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If you need advice or assistance with remortgaging, our specialist property lawyers can help.

When it comes to remortgaging, the options can be overwhelming, so it pays to have an experienced property solicitor on your side. We can provide you with independent advice, built on years of experience of advising clients of their options when remortgaging their home.

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What is Remortgaging?

Put simply, remortgaging is the when you pay off your mortgage using another mortgage.

Why remortgage?

The reasons as to why people choose to remortgage are varied. However, generally, people remortgage to release equity in their homes or to switch to a mortgage with more favourable terms.

Do I need to move to a new house to remortgage?

You do not need to move to a new house to remortgage. Many people use remortgaging to release equity from their home without the need to move.

Will I have two mortgages?

No, you will not have to mortgages. Remortgaging means paying off your mortgage with a new mortgage.

My fixed-rate mortgage has expired, should I remortgage?

A mortgage is usually the most significant expense that people ever incur in their lifetime, and as a result, getting a good deal can save a lot of money. However, many fixed-rate mortgages offer a good deal for only a predetermined amount of time, and you may consider switching after a fixed-rate mortgage has expired. Remortgaging can allow you to get another good deal with a new lender, saving you money in the long term.

I want a better mortgage deal, should I remortgage?

Switching mortgage lenders is common, but not always easy. Remortgaging and switching providers after a fixed rate deal has expired can save you a lot of money, but the process can be complicated. After you have found the right mortgage deal for you, we can assist you with the remortgaging process. We can handle all of the paperwork, legal necessities and arrange for the transfer of funds when the time comes. We make remortgaging straightforward.

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Remortgaging Property Lawyers in Paisley & Glasgow, Scotland

Our conveyancing lawyers take a modern approach to legal services, underpinned by traditional values. We provide all of the security and professionalism you associate with solicitors in Paisley as well as a modern pragmatic approach. We aim to provide not just a conveyancing service, but a rounded service to meet all of your legal needs.

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