Selling a Property

Selling a Property Lawyers Paisley & Glasgow, Scotland 

If you are looking to sell a property, our specialist conveyancing solicitors can help guide you through the process with ease. Whether this is your first time selling a property, or you have gone through the process before, we will make sure you are kept up to date at every stage. Our communicative and understanding lawyers have helped many clients sell properties throughout Scotland and can provide expert advice and assistance you need. To discuss your specific needs and circumstances with us, call today on 0141 887 5181 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you right away. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Process of Selling a Property in Scotland - How Can We Help?

We make the process of selling a property straightforward. We know you have a lot to consider when you are moving home, so we will guide you through the process with minimal difficulty.

Note of Interest

When you advertise a property for sale, potential buyers will have their solicitor get in touch with your solicitor with a ''note of interest''. This is not an offer and is not binding, but simply demonstrates an interest in buying your property and being informed of progress.

Receiving an Offer

In most cases, potential buyers who have noted interest will submit an offer. We can advise you as to whether the offer is suitable for your property. Our expert conveyancing lawyers have vast experience of property transactions, the local market anything which may be affecting property values. You can, reject, negotiate or accept any offer which is made.

Closing Date

Your property may attract more than one note of interest or offer. In this situation, we recommend setting a closing date for offers. A closing date gives potential buyers a deadline for making an offer on your property.

Which Offer Should I Accept?

In most cases, the highest value offer will be the one that we would advise you to accept. However, there may be additional factors to take into account, which our specialist conveyancing solicitors will advise you on. If no acceptable offer is made, you are of course free to leave your property on the market.

Negotiating the Details (Missives)

In Scotland, a property must be transferred using a written contract. We refer to the process of negotiating this contract as 'missives'. Once an acceptable offer has been received, we send ''qualified acceptance'' to the buyer’s solicitor and enter into missives with them. This is an exchange of documents and letters designed to refine the details of the contract.  Once both parties are satisfied with the agreement, missives are said to be concluded, and your solicitor will send a letter of acceptance. At this point, the contract for sale becomes legally binding.


Now, the conveyancing process begins. Conveyancing is the formal transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. The conveyancing process concludes on the entry date.

Settling Your Mortgage

When you are selling a property, you will be required to settle any existing mortgage with your mortgage lender. When your property is sold, 'we'll contact your lender to obtain a figure for settlement and prepare to discharge the mortgage.

If you need advice or assistance selling a property in Glasgow, or elsewhere in Scotland, contact our specialist team today.

Selling a Property in Paisley & Glasgow, Scotland

Our conveyancing solicitors take a modern approach to legal services while remaining true to traditional values. We provide all of the security and professionalism you associate with solicitors in Paisley as well as a pragmatic modern approach. We aim to provide not just a conveyancing service, but a rounded service to meet all of your legal needs. To get in touch, click here or call us on 0141 887 5181  for our Paisley branch or 0141 551 8185 for our Glasgow branch.

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